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What Is EE4G & Why Is It Important?

EE4G (EE for Generation) is a ministry program designed to bring teens and youth to Christ, and to equip them to go for Christ. We prioritize the growth of the faith of the teens and youth in the Lord, their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and how they can confidently share their faith in Jesus Christ with others.

EE4G is highly interactive, utilizing illustrations, and On-The-Job Training to equip the teens and youth to share the Good News about Jesus Christ with their community.

EE for Generation, a ministry of Evangelism Explosion, is a dynamic program that equips teens and youth to share their faith with confidence and relevance. Discover practical personal evangelism techniques, engage in discipleship, and ignite a passion for reaching their generation.

Let’s equip young individuals to make a difference in their local churches, schools, neighborhoods, and beyond.

EE for Generation (EE4G)

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