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Explosión de evangelización Malawi

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Evangelism Explosion in Malawi

It was in 1995 when Explosión de Evangelismo (EE) missionaries from Sudáfrica conducted the first Evangelism Explosion Clinic in Malawi. Church leaders from different places and denominations in Malawi were trained on how they can effectively witness and how they can train others to do the same. Mrs. Ansie Monteith who came from South Africa for her family mission work to Malawi, volunteered to assist as an administrator for Evangelism Explosion in Malawi so that Explosión de evangelización Sudáfrica missionaries work with her as their contact person in Malawi because she was settled in this nation.

In 2003, missionaries from USA and South Africa came to African Bible College to train students through Evangelism Explosion block-week course. Every student including faculty members participated in the training and it was a week of revival for ABC (African Bible College) campus and the community around. Following this training, Evangelism Explosion was recognized as one of the required courses at African Bible College and it was offered every year to first year students. This was supposed to be an opportunity to train more people who would go back to their churches after college and implement.

In 2010, EEI (Evangelismo Explosión Internacional) introduced Implementation Field Worker (IFW) training in Africa and the training was held in Malawi at African Bible College Campus. This was a training that covered a period of 6 weeks. This first IFW training in Africa, Malawi had 2 IFWs who attended the training and these were; Mr. Andy Nyirenda and Rev. Peter Kachaje. These trained personnel made a difference in the records of Evangelism Explosion Malawi Implementation results. Over 50 churches implemented Evangelism Explosion programs in Malawi.

In the year 2012, 5 IFWs  Namely; Oliten Lameck, Harriet Chigalu, Raphael Mtonya, Tumpale Kangere and Wellington Mulauzi were trained in Malawi and added on the list of EE Malawi field staff. These Implementation Field Workers added, helped much in increasing the number of implementing churches from 90 to over 150. The Evangelism Explosion National Committee was constituted on February 9, this year of 2012.

2012 was the year that EE Malawi had witnessed the dedication of the Evangelism Explosion Training & Conference Centre which is located at African Bible College Campus. This is a building where Evangelism Explosion International and National trainings and conferences could be held. This is a product of the partnership between Evangelism Explosion International and African Bible Colleges.

In 2020 New Board was chosen and the chairman was Mr Moses K Gondwe and happens to be the current Chairman of the Board Committee. This is the same year Rev Kachanje resigned from office of National Director of Evangelism Explosion Malawi. The same Year Oliten Lameck was  appointed as an Acting National Director for EE Malawi and in 2021 was appointed as  National Leader for Evangelism Explosion Malawi.



African Bible College Campus( AREA 47 Sector 1) , Lilongwe, Malawi.

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