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Classic EE! Effective Discipleship Ministry Training for Church Leaders

The Classic EE ministry training program is designed to equip Church leaders; lay leaders, pastors, and any Christian to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively in a concise and logical manner. Through the use of many illustrations and Bible scripture references, each trainee is able to apply their training in a real life setting.

Pastors, ministers and other church leaders are trained and equipped to share the good news of Jesus Christ with confidence. They learn how to make disciples who can help others in their community become disciples themselves. They also learn how to create healthy churches that will grow in numbers and impact as they reach out into new areas.

Al final de la capacitación, cada alumno podrá presentar la presentación completa del Evangelio. A través de este proceso, aprenden cómo desarrollar la confianza y convertirse ellos mismos en formadores efectivos del importantísimo proceso de la multiplicación en acción.

Los siguientes son algunos de los muchos beneficios del entrenamiento Classic EE:

  1. Un aumento en su conocimiento de la Biblia, a medida que aprende a aplicarla a la vida diaria.
  2. Un aumento en su capacidad de compartir la Palabra de Dios con otros.
  3. A greater understanding of how to lead others toward God.
  4. Train others to become lifestyle witnesses for Christ.

EE clásico is a discipleship ministry program of Explosión de Evangelismo, where you and your local church are equipped with practical skills and biblical knowledge to effectively share the Gospel and train others to do the same. Gain confidence in presenting the full Gospel message, discipleship, and church growth. Join us and become an impactful ambassador for Christ. Enroll today and make a lasting impact in your community/local church


Evangelism Explosion International - Africa Ministry
Ministerios de Explosión de Evangelismo en África
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