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Esperanza para los niños

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Presentamos Esperanza para los Niños!

Esperanza para los niños is a training ministry that takes a child-centered discipleship approach to teaching children about the Gospel, while also helping them become lifestyle witnesses for Jesus Christ, and to grow in their faith. Hope For Kids is a proven approach to reach children in local churches throughout Africa. We believe that the Great Commission is for everyone, not just adults or even youth. We lay a foundation for spiritual growth in children and enable them to respond with excitement and enthusiasm to Jesus? command to all of us to be His witnesses. This ministry program is developed through a joint effort between Explosión de Evangelismo and OneHope. The purpose of EE Hope For Kids is to:

  1. Clarify the Gospel for children.
  2. Ayúdalos a convertirse en testigos de Jesucristo.
  3. Llevar a otros a una fe salvadora en Jesucristo.


We provide high quality training for local church, school, or organization leaders who want to use their skills to reach children who don’t know Christ. Our curriculum includes songs, Scripture games, crafts, skits, and illustrations that appeal to children’s primary learning styles using biblically based materials. We believe our approach will help you share the Gospel with confidence!

From beginning to end, all of our materials are designed with an eye toward helping children understand the Gospel and on how to share it with their community. Our training curriculum is designed with each unit having objects that represents one of the key Gospel concepts taught in that unit?so it?s easy for children to learn and retain what they?re learning!

Discipleship for Children! Sign up for a free Hope for Kids training!

Pathway To Hope

The Hope For Kids’ Pathway To Hope is an interactive tool that helps children get closer to God through captivating stories that convey the Gospel. After a Hope For Kids training workshop, children Sunday school teachers are given copies of the Pathway To Hope book to give to the children they are discipling.

The Pathway To Hope is an easy-to-read book designed for children through a ministry partnership between Evangelism Explosion and OneHope.

Pathway To Hope
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