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Evangelism Explosion in Ghana

The Evangelism Explosion (EE) Ministry in Ghana was started by Rev. Matt and Toni Moffett with the help of Rev. Elorm former Director of One Hope in Ghana.

The first Implementation Field Worker (IFW) was trained in Fiji. Subsequently, 3 more IFWs (Implementation Field-workers) were added in 2010.  That same year Evangelism Explosion Ghana was launch.  In 2013 a Board was formed under the Chairmanship of Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse and a National Director was elected.  Till date EE (Evangelism Explosion) Ministry is active in Ghana meeting the spiritual needs of children and adults.



Baatsona, Tempo Estate Road-off Spintex Road, Ghana.

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  • +233-277-801-255

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  • EE Flipchart
  • Hope for Kids
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