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Evangelism Explosion Angola

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Evangelism Explosion in Angola

The Evangelism Explosion (EE) Ministry in Angola started with meaningful involvement of Reverend Nico Van Wyk who sent a missionary Pastor Jose Januario from Mozambique to Luanda City in Angola for a Hope For Kids workshop and FlipChart Clinic, hosted by Agua Viva Ministry led by Reverend Isaac Luciano at Dangereux of Talatona Municipality in February,2018, with about 97 trainees in attendance, that’s where Muanza Emanuel Zikuassalako, the current National Director of the ministry in Angola, first interacted with the ministry.



Condominio Merces, Luanda Sul, Luanda, Angola


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  • +244 928883870
  • +244 926109492
  • +244921841828

Ministry Programs

  • EE Flipchart
  • Hope for Kids
  • EE for Generations
  • Share Your Faith
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