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Explosão de Evangelismo Burkina Faso

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Evangelism Explosion in Burkina Faso

In 1998, Pastor Christophe DEMBÉLÉ initiated the pioneering of Evangelism Explosion (EE) in Burkina Faso. Pastor Etienne KABRE was the first to be trained and this set off a chain reaction of even greater success in the area. In 2010, Pastor Ousmane KABORE was honed in Mali during a esperança para crianças and Cavalete Training Programs and then further sharpened by Evangelism Explosion in Cameroon in 2011.

On his return, Pastor Ousmane KABORE began training leaders within his church and its annexes, which resulted in the formation of three AATs. Since then, Explosão de Evangelismo Burkina Faso has continued to work tirelessly in providing training to Church leaders in the country. 2019 marked a major milestone as the nation transitioned into a multiplication country, with Pastor Ousmane KABORE appointed as the national director. Since then, more than fifty sessions have been completed annually.



Ouagadougou Sector 28, Pissy, Boulgou Province, Burkina Faso

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