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Cada nação, equipando cada grupo de pessoas e cada faixa etária para testemunhar a cada pessoa.

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Prison EE ministry! we want to help you reach the prisons in your local community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Prisão EE Ministério is a discipleship ministry program that equips and trains incarcerated believers to be trainers of other soul winners, to make disciples of new converts and prepare them for re-entry to the local church (and in some cases for a lifetime of incarceration). We will provide spiritual guidance and discipleship training in prisons across Africa. Our goal is to establish the Evangelism Explosion ministry in every prison in Africa as we glorify God by equipping the local church and incarcerated believers to multiply through friendship, connecting, mentoring and healthy growth.

We are here to give our brothers & sisters a new life in Christ with Prison Evangelism Explosion (Prison EE). We personally help you get EE started through our on-site course. We will teach and equip believers in Prisons to share the Gospel, lead fellow inmates to Christ, and disciple them for re-entry to the local church. The training involves classroom lecture, praise and worship, and actual on-the-job training. Partner with us to reach prisons in your community

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Evangelism Explosion International - Africa Ministry
Ministério Explosão de Evangelismo na África
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