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Explosion d'évangélisation en Ouganda

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Evangelism Explosion in Uganda

After attending the 1989 Evangelism Explosion (EE) Clinic held in Kenya, Pastor Gary Skinner and two of his associate pastors returned to Uganda to begin Explosion d'évangélisation there.

The first Explosion d'évangélisation en Ouganda Clinic was held in November, 1990. It was taught by Ron Tyler and Larry Walker at Kampala Pentecostal Church, (now Watoto Church). As a direct result, the 2,000-member church grew ten-fold to 20,000!

As others heard of this ministry, the desire and need for training grew leading to the next step in advancement of the ministry, which was formation of an interdenominational National Board of Directors spear headed by Pastor Kato Solomon and the subsequent legal incorporation in 2009 followed by appointment of staff marking the beginning of Evangelism Explosion Uganda operations to date.


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Plot 1413, Jinja Road, Bweyogerere Kampala Uganda

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  • +256 751 030 724
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  • EE classique
  • Espoir pour les enfants
  • EE pour les générations
  • Partagez votre foi
  • Prison EE
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Evangelism Explosion International - Africa Ministry
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