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Évangélisation Explosion Mali

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Evangelism Explosion in Mali

The Explosion d'évangélisation (EE) Ministry in Mali was first introduced in Mali in 1992, when Pastors; Christophe Dembele and Samakiri Isaac Diarra were first trained in EE (Evangelism Explosion) at the Bible Institute of Yamoussoukro, a region of Côte d'Ivoire.

When Christophe Dembele returned to Mali, he began training the leaders of his church in Bamako. Since being trained in Evangelism Explosion and implementing it within his congregation, his church has been instrumental in starting five daughter churches. The first Mali Evangelism Explosion clinic was conducted in June 1994 for 22 pastors and church leaders. Since then, more than 400 more clinics have been held in Mali.

Since then, Evangelism Explosion Mali has  gone on to be fully registered and officially obtaining the recipisse number recognized by the Malian State. In 2013, EE Mali fulfilled the 12 criteria and signed the Évangélisation Explosion Internationale Convention at the 2nd Congress of the Nations held in Cape Town, Afrique du Sud and Evangelism Explosion Mali is now among the countries of multiplications. The Ministry in Mali is currently led by Christophe Dembele.


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