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Explosion d'évangélisation au Kenya

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Evangelism Explosion in Kenya

In 1988, Evangelism Explosion?s newly appointed Vice President for Africa, Dr. Ron Tyler, moved with his wife Belinda and their two children to Nairobi, Kenya. There they set up a continental office from which Ron would direct Explosion d'évangélisation ministry throughout Africa.

Not long after their arrival in Kenya, Ron traveled to Ghana, Liberia and Ouganda, selecting key leaders to attend the first Kenya Evangelism Explosion Clinic to be held at Good Shepherd Africa Gospel Church in Nairobi. Ron was assisted in the clinic by Larry Walker, the missionary who began Evangelism Explosion in Kenya; Rev. John Muehleisen, the missionary pastor of Good Shepherd Church; and Allen Avery, a missionary living in Zimbabwe.

The 18 pastors and church leaders who attended the clinic were enthusiastic. Most of them returned home and established their own clinic bases. Thus Evangelism Explosion spread. Currently some 2,500 churches in Kenya continue to provide Evangelism Explosion training. Approximately 18,500 people have been trained to date, and they have led an estimated 400,000 men and women to Christ.

In 1993 an Advisory Council was set up which presently is reorganized as a Board of Directors. A full-time paid director for Kenya was appointed in 1999. All of the basic training materials have been translated and published in English and Swahili. Explosion d'évangélisation has reached 34 different people groups within Kenya


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