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Evangelismo Explosão Camarões

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Evangelism Explosion in Cameroon

In 2000, Dr. Garside from the United States and Pastor Dede Kikavuanga from the DRC held a training session in Yaoundé, Cameroun. Following this clinic, a Camerounian EE (Evangelism Explosion) committee was created, headed by Rev. Dr Jean Richard Song as president, Pastor Daniel Young as Vice Président, Pastor Lucien Bale as General Secretary, and Pastor Babagnak as Auditor.

In 2001, Pastor Charles Balwin was appointed Regional Director of Central Africa with his residence in Yaoundé. He worked with Lucien Bale as national coordinator until 2005, after which Charles Balwin returned to the United States. Afterwards, EE Cameroun was transferred to the Southern Africa region with Twakkies as Director and Pastor Lucien as National Coordinator.

In 2010, Pastor Lucien became National Director of Evangelismo Explosão Camarões until 2017. From that time until now, Pastor François Nkolo is the National Director.


la localisation

Alpha Manguier , Yaounde, Cameroon

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  • (+237) 677282232
  • (+237) 691705614

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Evangelism Explosion International - Africa Ministry
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