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Chaque nation, équiper chaque groupe de personnes et chaque groupe d'âge pour témoigner de chaque personne.

Evangelismo Explosão Burundi

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Evangelism Explosion in Burundi

The first EE (Evangelism Explosion) Clinic in Burundi was held in 1992, it was organized by an American Missionary Dr. Ron Tyler. From then other Evangelism Explosion clinics were organized in Bujumbura. The Evangelism Explosion materials were still in English and French. The First Kirundi Evangelism Explosion materials were available in the end of 2008.  Evangelismo Explosão Burundi got its first trained Implementation Field Workers in 2010

Evangelismo Explosão Burundi (EE BurundI) is a non-profit association authorized by the Ministerial Ordinance Nbr.530/826 signed on the 6th 0f June 2012. It is both a Christian and Interdenominational Association, which means that it collaborates with any christian denomination.

Explosion d'évangélisation is an effective way to train leaders to equip people in personal evangelism. Through Evangelism Explosion, people become the type of witnesses that Christ intends for us all to be. Evangelism Explosion (EE) trains people to really connect with those around them and build stronger relationships. Using Evangelism Exposion tools, it is easier for someone to share the Good News simply and confidently. Ultimately, we want to help people to lead their friends to a relationship with Jesus.


la localisation

KinaniraI, 1ère Avenue, Bujumbura, Burundi.

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  • +257 76592914

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Evangelism Explosion International - Africa Ministry
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